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Top tips for keeping safe this winter Cold weather can damage homes and belongings but you can help avoid problems and protect your property by following these tips to keep the heat in: If you have an attic, leave the door open slightly to allow heat into the roof space If you have a water tank in your attic, cover it with a blanket to prevent the water freezing, Keep your curtains closed at night to prevent heat escaping.

Frozen pipes
This is the most common problem during extremely cold weather but can also be one of the easiest things to prevent. Keep your home warm at all times by keeping your heating on at a low temperature, this will minimise the risk of your water pipes freezing or causing them to burst. Check all dripping taps and overflows and if you do need help, keep the plug in the sink to prevent water freezing in the waste pipes. Free Phone UnbeatableDrainCleaning 1800 303 663

If you find that you have no cold water during cold weather, unfortunately this usually means your pipes have frozen. At this point, as there is nothing that can be done until the weather improves, you should locate your stopcock and turn off the water supply.

If you find that one of your pipes have burst please:

  • Turn off the water supply at the main stopcock, the electricity supply at the mains and the water heater.
  • Turn on all the taps to drain your system. If you can, collect the water in the bath for washing and flushing the toilet.
  • Warn your neighbours in case it affects them.


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